James S. McDonnell Plenary Workshop on "The Ontogenetic Origins of Combinatorial Thought"

The workshop will investigate the ontogenetic origins of combinatorial thought, examining evidence and arguments from philosophy of mind, linguistics, and experimental psychology. Speakers will include Tyler Burge, Cynthia Fisher, Hannes Rakoczy, Susan Carey, Jesse Snedeker, and Paul Pietroski.

Below is a schedule, as well as details concerning dinner and hotels.

The workshop is not open to the general public.


Monday June 12

8:30 AM Coffee & Bagels
9:00 AM Susan Carey
9:15 AM Tyler Burge
10:00 AM Paul Pietroski
10:45 AM Coffee Break
11:00 AM Discussion
12:30 PM Lunch
1:30 PM Hannes Rakoczy
2:15 PM Susan Carey
3:00 PM Coffee Break
3:15 PM Discussion
5:30 PM Break before Dinner
6:30 PM Dinner @ Piatti

Tuesday June 13

8:30 AM Coffee & Bagels
9:00 AM Cynthia Fisher
9:45 AM Jesse Snedeker
10:30 AM Coffee
10:45 AM Discussion
12:15 PM Lunch & Poster Session
2:00 PM Discussion
4:30 PM Next Year's Activities
5:00 PM Break before party
6:00 PM Beach Party @ La Jolla Shores


The formal aspect of kind representations
Paul Haward, Susan Carey, and Sandeep Prasada

Four-year-old’s comprehension of logical connectives
Masoud Jasbi and Michael C. Frank

Quantifier Meanings Differentially Bias Set Selection and Storage
Tyler Knowlton, Justin Halberda, Paul Pietroski, and Jeffrey Lidz

Linguistic and Conceptual Structure in Verb Learning
Laurel Perkins, Tyler Knowlton, Mina Hirzel, Rachel Dudley, Alexander Williams, and Jeffrey Lidz

Referential understanding of pointing actions and emergence of mutual exclusivity effect in 12-moths-olds
Barbara Pomiechowska and Gergely Csibra

Children's first meanings for time words are relational, not perceptual
Katharine Tillman and David Barner

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Breakfast, lunch, and talks will be located in the Ted Scripps Room at the Scripps Institute of Oceanography. 

Parking at Scripps requires a special Scripps permit, PLUS a UCSD parking permit. If you would like a Scripps permit and already have a UCSD permit, please write Roman or Dr. Barner to request one. 

Click through for directions on Google Maps:

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