Ph.D. student, Psychology, University of California, San Diego (2018-present)
M.A., Cognitive Psychology, University of Pennsylvania (2016-2017)
B.A., Psychological & Brain Sciences, Classics, Johns Hopkins University (2008-2013)

Honors and Awards

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow (2016-present)
University of Pennsylvania Benjamin Franklin Fellowship (2016)
Johns Hopkins G. Stanley Hall Prize in Experimental Psychology (2014)
Phi Beta Kappa (2014)
Johns Hopkins Provost Undergraduate Research Award (2012)

Publications and Presentations

*Horowitz, A.C., *Schneider, R. M., & Frank, M. C. (in press). The trouble with quantifiers: Exploring children's deficits in scalar implicature. Child Development.

Barner, D., Athanasopoulou, A, Chu, J., Lewis, M., Marchand, E., Schneider, R. M., & Frank, M. C. (in press). A one-year classroom-randomized trial of mental abacus instruction for first- and second-grade students. Journal of Numerical Cognition.

Schneider, R. M. & Frank, M. C. (2016). A speed-accuracy tradeoff in children's processing of scalar implicatures. Proceedings of the 38th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society.

Schneider, R. M., Yurovsky, D., & Frank, M. C. (2015) Large-scale investigations of variability in children's first words. Proceedings of the 37th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society.

Frank, M. C., Yurovsky, D., Schneider, R. M., & Marchman, V. A. (2015). Studying children's vocabulary development at scale. Biennial Meeting of the Society for Research in Children Development.

Schneider, R. M., Ma, Z., & Flombaum, J. (2013). Lost, but not forgotten: Extra guesses reveal knowledge of lost targets in MOT. Poster presented at the Vision Sciences Society Conference in Naples, Florida.