Q: How long does a visit take?
Normally, studies involve a single visit to the lab and last about 45 minutes.

Q: What does a visit entail?
Studies are structured as child-friendly games, (e.g., computer games, puppet shows) and children receive a small prize (e.g., certificate, toy) to take home.

Q: What will I learn about my child's development?
We examine the average performance of large groups of children and compare different ages or conditions. Results are available on our website and newsletters.

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This information will be entered into our database, which is accessible by members of a collaboration among the developmental psychology labs at UCSD, known as Kid Science Labs. Researchers may contact you by either phone or email when your child is the right age for any current study. If you have any additional questions for us, just include them in the "Comments" section; we would be happy to answer them!